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Marine Box specializes in the management of tropical lumber in South America. We guarantee that our customers have the best experience with our services and that they acquire the best products available on the market.

Inquiry of the ideal product and species

Our knowledge of each lumber in different situations guarantees the quality and credibility of the product, thus creating only assertive purchases and avoiding losses. Our company is responsible for the quality and acceptance of the lumber inspected by our professionals.


Our vast network of suppliers in Brazil, Bolivia and Peru, totals more than 130 partner companies that guarantee ample service capacity. Our suppliers are forest owners, so they are fully committed to environmental legislation regarding the management and legal harvest.


Marine Box has a quality inspection team formed by employees who have been working within the company since the beginning of operations, having these vast experience and knowledge to guarantee the quality of the process.

Our teams are in every port of departure that we operate. Such as: Paranaguá, Itajaí, Navegantes, Belém, Callao, among others.




Our team of trained employees is responsible for inspecting all lumber cargoes that arrive through our suppliers for later export.


We control and guarantee that the quality is exactly that demanded by the customer, thus avoiding potential future problems.


Upon boarding we are sure that we have completed all steps so that the end result is customer satisfaction with the product and service.

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